Physical Therapy and Sports  Performance Training 


4 Corners Sports Performance is here to give YOU the result YOU want 

"Wow! I walked in with a limp and left being able to do a full squat and walk normal. I am a professional athlete and have had a good amount of physical therapy over the years. The staff at 4c is not only friendly and knowledgeable but also take the time to explain what is going on"-Bryanna

"A lot of physical therapists have the goal of getting you pain free in your day to day life. That's great, until you go skiing and hurt yourself again. At 4 Corners, their goal is not only to get you pain free in your daily life, but also to help you return to sport pain/injury free, and stay that way." -Martin

"Cody worked with me on my ACL rehab from month four into month nine...*hands down* he was a big difference maker in my strength, growth, and education; Since he'd been through an ACL tear himself, he just gets it. Highly recommend Cody, and specifically for ACL injuries..."- Chris 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personalized physical therapy and sports performance services. Our goal is to help every individual accomplish his/her own goals and maximize their capabilities.  



Our Promise 

The 4 Corners Physical Therapy promise: You will see significant and measurable improvements in 4 visits or less,  or we will re-evaluate and determine what must be done to make sure you are on the right path to success. 

The 4 Corners Sports Performance promise: You will be trained with your unique goals in mind, always. You will receive an personalized, objectively based program designed just for you and your goals.