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Whether you're an athlete looking to train for team sports or a weekend warrior trying to stay in shape, our highly trained and certified strength and conditioning coaches can help you accomplish your goals.

We believe in the power of individualized training and programming for every athlete, young or old. We will combine the latest techniques in sports training combined with proven methods to help you feel good, move better and elevate your game.


60-minute training sessions with one of our coaches.

If you are an adult looking to get stronger, look better, lose weight, or train like the athlete you are, our coaches can help get you started on a program catered to exactly what you need to achieve those goals!


Youth and high school athletes looking to get stronger, more powerful, and increase performance on the field or court while building resilience to injury, our coaches can help get you there!

Rowing machine
1-on-1 Traing
Strength training in Arvada, CO


The best “bang for your buck” training experience. Smaller numbers each hour (2-4) allow our coaches to give the instruction and attention you get with 1-on-1 training, at a rate that allows you to train more frequently!

  • Max of 4 people per coach per session.

  • Program individualized to your specific training goals

  • Train with a friend, teammate, or family member!

Semi-Private Training


Training groups of 5-10

  • Adults: build strength, move better, and challenge yourself in a fun and personal environment!

  • Middle School: Build foundational movement skills, athleticism, and be prepared for the high school level!

  • High School: Improve strength, power, speed, and mobility to maximize your potential on the field and/or court!

Group training in Arvada
Group Training
Plank core exercise


Been rehabbing an injury? Ran out of insurance benefits before you feel you are ready to return to the activities that you love? Discharged from physical therapy and unsure how to progress back into exercise? Our coaches have extensive experience with those their way back to the field, court, mountain, and everyday life! Under the guidance of your current rehab protocols, our coaches can help get back to the things you love, with the confidence you had before your injury!

Return to Sport


Don’t live nearby the gym but still want to train like you are with us? Work with our coaches on getting you on a program delivered straight to your phone with the TrainHeroic app! Do the same workouts our clients and athletes are doing in the comfort of your home gym or local gym! Please contact us with any questions on what program might be best for you and your goals!

At home fitness equipment
Remote Programming


You will see significant and measurable improvements in 4 visits or less,  or we will re-evaluate and determine what must be done to make sure you are on the right path to success. 

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